Milk and Honey…

My boundary lines are laid in such pleasant places (Psalm 16). In keeping with the wonderful mercies of my Savior, I thought I would start up a record of gratitude that I can keep going, as a testimony of God’s rich goodness, which does not fail. The list begins today:

1. The glorious longsuffering grace of my Savior. How does He still love me?

2. My beloved husband and the way he makes the ordinary things special.

3. A home of my own, with a kitchen chock-full of adventures waiting to happen!

4. Mountains. Outside my window, in the distance, blue, hazy, strong ….

5. A porch swing looking out on said mountains.

6. The means to buy fresh produce. It is wonderful. (Strawberries, peaches…)

7. My favorite Schubert symphony playing as I worked at home this afternoon.

8. A quiet morning working for another family, leaving their home in good order.

9. The sweetest little pink dress found in town for a friend’s baby shower.

10. Coupons and grocery sales that enable me to use our money well.

11. Half-and-half in coffee. The little things, you know?

12. Cool temperatures that are so refreshing and lovely.

13. Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne books. They delight my soul.

14. Dear college friends, laughter, beautiful memories together.

15. Two evenings with friends this week!

16. A lovely phone conversation with my dear mother while sitting in a gazebo.

17. Our dear church and its ministry.

18. Early mornings with their quiet peace.

19. Falling asleep with my book (the most relaxing thing in the world!).

20. Fresh-milled flour.

And I have come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that land to a good and broad land, a land flowing with milk and honey… (Exodus 3:8)


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