The beautiful joys of daily life…

Our refrigerator full of bounty…

What a delight it is to see the Lord providing so abundantly for all of our needs! In our little home, His faithful provision has been most vivid to me in the daily business of placing food on our table. We are so very blessed. It is truly a joy to have the task of grocery-shopping, meal-planning, and working in the kitchen–and to see the bounty that God has given! I find myself quite exhilerated by the victories of sales-shopping and successful meals.

As of last week, a new adventure began: our little town added a third grocery store! The upscale Harris Teeter looks very fine indeed in the new shopping center across from campus.  My dear husband and I ventured into the store tonight, and it was lovely–it reminded us both so much of home and the Harris Teeters we’ve known so well (I can remember multiple walking trips to the HT near my family’s home!). AND the produce prices were fabulous! Local squash for $.99/lb, sweet potatoes for $.79/lb, and peaches for $.99/lb! I am so thankful for the means to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.

The picture above is the delight of a refrigerator full of goodies after our Monday night shopping excursion. Since we are up to three grocery stores in town, I now have three sales to pick and choose from each week! It was quite the thrill to tally up the savings from all three stores! How glad I am for good food which can be prepared into tasty meals which can then be a means of fruitful fellowship. Isn’t God good?

What is one of the beautiful joys of daily life for you?


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