Everyday beauty…


I thought I’d take a quick moment this afternoon to share the delightful view I have as I wash dishes and work in my kitchen. Though the screen is a bit streaky (apologies for my mediocre photography!), you can see the alpacas’ pen, behind which is the great stand of trees, behind which are the mountains. You can also see a corner of the porch swing where I have spent so many happy moments reading, praying, and basking in God’s goodness. The walkway leads down to our door, which means that I can also see ahead of time whenever guests are coming!

On the inside, I have the two delightful teacups procured at a white elephant party, along with two sets of creamer and sugar containers–one from my mother-in-law, and the other from my dear husband’s great-grandmother. Our sweet little singing birds could also function as salt and pepper shakers, but I prefer seeing them as I wash dishes. Our oregano sprig, meanwhile, is making an excellent recovery. As for the wedding bands, well, … I’ve been working with bread dough for the last hour or so.

This little window and sill is a delight to my heart as I work away in the kitchen, fulfilling the calling I have as homemaker. What an example of how God blesses us in the work that He gives!

Meanwhile, I have a few more dishes to wash, and bread dough to watch…..


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