Milk and Honey II…

21. A beautiful twilight sky.

22. Sweet potatoes.

23. Giggling with my sister.

24. A glass of water (or two or three…).

25. Freshly-vacuumed floors.

26. Little reminders of my Savior all around me.

27. Two-lane highways and fields alongside them.

28. Kneading bread.

29. T-shirts and shorts.

30. Sunglasses for bright days!

31. An evening spent in DC with dear friends.

32. Family in our home.

33. My delightful husband’s way of cheering me up.

34. Dinner for two in the freezer for some future night.

35. An unexpectedly lovely conversation with a coworker.

36. An apron with cupcakes on it from dear little friends.

37. A new broom.

38. Lamplight.

39. A beautiful tablecloth spread with our china.

40. A friend who asks me how I’m doing in the Lord.


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