Morning by morning…

We seem to be living in the Land of Adventures these days. What with traveling, house guests, two weddings, and a major storm thrown in there, the past month has been one of excitement, challenge, and great fulfillment. I have been reaching for Christ in my great need—straining toward the light, as it were, like the day-lilies around me.

So many blessings have been heaped upon each other… having family in our home, seeing dear friends wed, and taking the opportunity to travel back home to North Carolina. It has been a rich time of encouragement, yet also a season of trusting the Lord moment by moment for strength to continue on amidst the busyness.

My dear husband and I have been reading through the book of Exodus recently, and it has been striking how many parallels exist between Israel of old and our own life today. In moments of exhaustion, I have felt like the Israelites at the Red Sea: hardship behind, enemies at my heels, and an impassable barrier ahead. Yet what glory awaits! The Lord unfailingly works through my impasses to demonstrate His abiding faithfulness. Even after the crossing, Exodus paints a beautiful picture of how the Lord provided for all their daily needs, including the bread from heaven:

Morning by morning they gathered it; each as much as he could eat…
(Exodus 16:21)

How often I have begun the day, recently, doubting that the Lord could sustain me amidst my weariness and fear. Yet He has promised as much as I need, without stint. My conscience smarts over my own doubt and fear— what a traitor each proves to the unfailing love of God!

With this in mind, then, I begin another week. Again, it is a full one, and again, I feel weary simply looking at it, but I know the faithfulness of my God: His mercies never come to an end (Lamentations 3:22). What a joy to go forth with Him, ready to see His promises fulfilled before my very eyes!

To all of you, grace and peace, and may our Lord pour out His mercies upon you as well in this new week.


One thought on “Morning by morning…

  1. Dear Annie, It is so lovely to read another of your posts! I hope your week is going well and that it looks less daunting from the vantage point of Wednesday than it did from Sunday’s perspective. I’ll be praying for you today! Love, Hannah V.

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