And so the week ends…

The evening air outside is sweet. We rode home from town with the windows open, letting the cool breeze wash over us. Earlier, we had gone to the park, driving with heads stuck out the window to smell the poignant freshness of the evening. We came home and sat on the porch swing, entranced by the song of the cicadas and the still grandeur of the trees and mountains before us.


It was a long week. Job piled on top of job, task upon task, with little relief. I came home from work each day and practically collapsed, exhausted with the responsibilities of solo-ing in my day job and also keeping up with my side jobs. Dinner became an afterthought, laundry non-existent. We managed to keep the dishes washed, and we didn’t grouch around (very much), but it was hard work. Long days, short evenings, and a whole lot of facing the world.

Yet what was in the middle of it? Joy. The fulfillment of keeping things running at the bookstore. A delightful walk to the library, finding a new recipe while I sat and read near the children’s section. Sweet encouragement from the dear lady for whom I work, who is so much the aroma of Christ. Treasured conversation with our families, sharing the joy so near our hearts. A walk in the evening hours, a beautiful Renaissance choral piece, and precious thoughts of friends near and far. Joy, abundant and full.

It was a hard week. I felt poorly. Struggled to get out of bed. Waded through page after page of computer inventory. Cried because it felt so hard. And yet, like the tender arms of my husband, the everlasting arms of my eternal God remained beneath me. He was so faithful–and He never changed.

Tonight we celebrated. After working late, we went into town and got Chinese food at the little local restaurant–ate part of it and brought a lot home for future meals! We dropped by our pastor’s home and shared sweet time with their family. And then we came home and sat on the porch swing, relishing the beauty of the evening and the glory of His peace.

Another week in the life of yours truly? Yes, indeed. A hard one, but a good one, a beautiful one–yet another example of the glorious goodness of my Savior.


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