A bit of autumnal sprucing-up…

To all of the dear readers who have likely given up on checking this poor neglected blog:

First and foremost, my humblest apologies. Write I must, and write I will. There have been a few new, busy, and exciting things going on about our home these days, which have occupied the greater part of my attention and energy. Stay tuned for an update!

Secondly, I am playing with the appearance of this dear old home-on-the-web, in the hopes that it may be a greater and deeper avenue for my writing. This new theme boasts an “elegant and powerfully clean” appearance, which, though plain, has great potential. For those of you who know me, little things matter, and I must confess that it was hard to compose creatively with the Tahoma font! I like my serifs. Also, the plainer appearance will inspire more pictures (which is another hope of mine!).

Finally, from my home to yours, greetings. It is a lovely late-August afternoon, and I am contentedly sitting at our kitchen table, listening to Mozart piano concertos while potatoes boil on the stove and the dryer hums. The Lord is so good to provide us with all kinds of simple joys, is He not?

Until a later (but sooner!) time, I wish you well. Peace be with you and yours.


Drinking deeply from the fountain…

My time with the Lord has been sorely neglected of late. This summer has been a season of much busyness, exhaustion, and weakness. Most mornings, it has been enough of a struggle to get up and out the door on time, let alone taking a moment to sit down to read and pray. Consequently, my heart has been poorly nourished in the Word, and my spirit has been similarly weak.

As ever, I am grateful for the example of my husband, who took his own stand in settling down to read his Bible and theology. With his encouragement and help, this week, with renewed effort, we have been keeping our morning quiet times intact, and it has been such a rich blessing! I feel as if my soul is being overwhelmed by God’s rich goodness and grace.

Susannah Spurgeon’s words were an echo of my own heart this morning:

Mine eyes fail with looking upward. Upon first reading these words, my heart felt envious of the poor king’s experience. What! To look up to God so constantly and continually that my eyes should be wearied with the upward glance? This surely would be a pleasant pain, a sweet sorrow, a most rare and blessed spiritual attainment. With me it is, alas! so different; my eyes mostly fail with looking inward! The fountain of sin within seems ever rising from the depths of my nature, and overflowing the banks of my life, and my gaze is too often riveted on the dark flood, instead of being lifted to him who has cast all my sins behind his back.

Her meditations on Isaiah 38:14 were a sweet encouragement. (For those of you who would like to read more, I highly recommend Free Grace and Dying Love, a compilation of morning devotions by Susannah with a short biography in the back. Carlisle: Banner of Truth Trust, 2006.)

Susannah’s husband Charles and his words were also a beautiful ministry this morning as he wrote upon the precious promises of God: “…Christian, come and glean today in the broad field of promise. Here are abundance of precious promises, which exactly meet thy wants” (Morning and Evening, August 1st). What a true statement! Even in these last few weeks of neglect and complacency, the Lord has provided so abundantly for our needs.

* Giving strength beyond strength for the tasks before us
* Carrying us safely home through the mountains on a rickety automotive belt
* Bringing a sense of humor amidst the daily difficulties
* Sweet fellowship with friends and family
* His tender mercies, offered readily, in spite of my wayward heart

Our God’s faithfulness knows no end! What a blessing it is to have Him as our Shepherd and our Guide, leading us through life with such firm and loving purpose. I am rejoicing this day in His unfailing mercies and bountiful promises!