A bit of autumnal sprucing-up…

To all of the dear readers who have likely given up on checking this poor neglected blog:

First and foremost, my humblest apologies. Write I must, and write I will. There have been a few new, busy, and exciting things going on about our home these days, which have occupied the greater part of my attention and energy. Stay tuned for an update!

Secondly, I am playing with the appearance of this dear old home-on-the-web, in the hopes that it may be a greater and deeper avenue for my writing. This new theme boasts an “elegant and powerfully clean” appearance, which, though plain, has great potential. For those of you who know me, little things matter, and I must confess that it was hard to compose creatively with the Tahoma font! I like my serifs. Also, the plainer appearance will inspire more pictures (which is another hope of mine!).

Finally, from my home to yours, greetings. It is a lovely late-August afternoon, and I am contentedly sitting at our kitchen table, listening to Mozart piano concertos while potatoes boil on the stove and the dryer hums. The Lord is so good to provide us with all kinds of simple joys, is He not?

Until a later (but sooner!) time, I wish you well. Peace be with you and yours.


One thought on “A bit of autumnal sprucing-up…

  1. Dear Annie,
    I thoroughly approve of the new format. It does indeed look elegant and clean! I am praying for you and can’t wait to hear your exciting things! 🙂
    Love, Hannah V.

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