Toward a new season…

We drove down the road into town last week, passing the stream that is a moment of beauty in my journeys. Leaves covered the surface of the water, strewn in their flight from previous homes above. A tree behind the alpacas’ pen in our back yard scatters leaves in the wind, reminding me with each burst that autumn approaches. A tinge of change is in the air, in the morning coolness, the faint color in the leaves, and the calendar’s steady progression into the coming month.

The cozy interior of our home is no less marked by change of season. Hebrew cards are piled on our living room coffee table alongside my husband’s textbook. He pores over this new language in the evenings, slowly ingesting a new alphabet and mode of writing. Over lunches he works through the deep theology that undergirds our living faith. In less than two weeks he will appear before the local presbytery to be taken “under care” — that first step of accountability and encouragement as he journeys toward pastoral ministry.

Alongside his Hebrew are a few new books in another category, which we have both read with avid interest. Shepherding a Child’s Heart has been a source of conviction and encouragement, while What to Expect When You’re Expecting has also brought many new insights. A little revelation one morning back in June was the herald of a changing season. Itty-bitty clothes are mixed in with our big ones, and we anticipate one midwinter day when we will bring home a tiny bundle of great joy.

Presently, however, there are the in-between days, days when clothes don’t fit and dark circles mark my face and time is long. I look out the kitchen window at the baby alpaca bounding about in circles, wishing I had that same frolicsome energy and excitement. My body is tired, giving life unto life, and my spirit sags as I toil onward.

Then, in the moment of exhaustion, in the chaos of change, I find peace. A supper made for my beloved husband. Fragrant decaf coffee with a splash of milk. Glorious motifs in the Beethoven string quartets I listen to in our home. Joy … gladness, quietness, peace in the moment between moments, the haven of Christ’s presence in the daily routine. He is there; all is well.

A new season is a good thing. Our Savior goes before us…


One thought on “Toward a new season…

  1. I love your heart. This is simply lovely, dear friend. Your joy in your current “place” is fitting you for your place in the Kingdom, and IS your place in the Kingdom. Let your joy and peace in simply living, doing the next thing, and accepting the bitter with the sweet be your testimony in your current ministry. God is so gracious! Love you much. (And I love the new blog design. :D)

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