When the exterior peels off…

In the midst of my delightful day at home, I took the time this afternoon to finish processing the bushel of apples I had gotten over the weekend. On Saturday I had made four and a half quarts of homemade applesauce, with two apple crisps in the next few days for get-togethers, but my goal was to make a little more applesauce to freeze and to have a few bags of sliced apples in the freezer for future desserts.

As I lined up my peeled apples on the counter, I thought about how insignificant they all looked without their skins. The various bumps and bruises became much more obvious, and the misshapen lines of peeling distorted the beautiful roundness they once possessed. They were now to be cut and cooked rather than kept on display!

At the same time, though, I realized how much I’ve been feeling like a not-very-nice peeled apple. These past few days and weeks have been a time of exhaustion, much hard work, and sickness, and the exterior of joy, calm, and peace that I cherish has been peeled off again and again. All of my raw needs (those bumps and bruises, so to speak) have been revealed in painful detail, as once more, as ever, I stumble towards Christ, crying out for His mercy.

My dear husband has been faithful to remind me of the need to persevere in godliness even when I don’t feel the wonderful optimism by which I love to spend my days. Feeling cheerful and excited about life is not the reason by which I live. Christ the Savior is my hope of glory, and it is by His grace I walk, in seasons of joy and in seasons of struggle. He is always faithful!

Meanwhile, I have applesauce in my freezer, along with two bags of sliced apples destined for future apple crisps. The Lord is gracious to continually provide such delightful little joys each day. May He do the same for you today!


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