Happy Birthday to my dearest love!

Birthdays are such happy things.




It flew by, as on wings, that most favorite of months. As leaves grew brilliant and temperatures dropped, and as that unmistakable tang of autumn met us whenever we stepped out our door, yes, in that most wonderful of times, we lived.

And that must account for the absence of words. Because sometimes words can’t cover a time of such deep joy … such life.

For one thing, there were the apples. Bushels and bushels of apples. I now have canned applesauce, canned apple butter, frozen applesauce, multiple apple crisps … oh, how delicious the tart, sweet fragrance of a fresh apple, even after one has peeled and quartered more apples than she cares to count!

Here and abroad, we also savored family. My mother and sister visited in the earlier part of the month, and we joyed in their presence. Visiting an apple orchard on the most blustery and busy of days, watching the alpacas, playing games, talking … their company was so sweet. Later in the month, we squeezed barely a day out of our overflowing travel schedule to meet up at home, laughing over dessert, running after nieces and nephew, talking across the table at the bagel shop. It was so fleeting, so dear, so deep.

And the walks. Oh, the overpowering joy of the air, the sky, and the leaves … going out on starlit nights, walking in the neighborhood at dusk, feeling the crispness of the air. What joy it was to be alive out there in the freshness, the ever-changing beauty of the fall season. Chronicling the falling of the leaves from the towering tree down by the old farm. Driving by the creek and seeing the brilliant leaves floating on the water. Watching the fields grow golden-glorious in the evening sunshine. It made one’s heart hymn and praise all glory to God.

Then, of course, the future. Coming days, journeys, seasons. Looking ahead even as we rejoiced in the present. We visited a seminary and began thinking through the next step of our marriage. Meeting professors, reuniting with dear friends, worshipping with the body of Christ, we savored our time in another community. Thinking carefully, we drove home talking about houses, children, music lessons, and how we might live this new season of life. We dreamed beautiful, exciting, challenging dreams.

And in the midst of the old and new seasons, the changing of Nature’s guard in preparation for Winter, we relished each day, treasuring its moments of joy, communion, and satisfaction. The more this little bundle of joy grows within my womb, the more we see the closing of a chapter as we begin a new journey with our little daughter. And even as the leaves have now fallen and the air is now cold, so too we rejoice in the season before us, for it is good. All that the Lord does is exceedingly good, and in that, our hearts rejoice.