Into a New Year

Well, my dear readers, you have much reason to chide me over my long absence from this blog. With over two months of silence, I have fallen down upon my resolution to write faithfully, but oh! the life that has been lived in these days, weeks, and months. Sometimes it is simply a matter of living, then writing when the dust has settled and the heart has grown.

Our little life out here in the country has indeed been full of growth and changes. During the last part of the year, our thoughts were full of seminary and where we would make our home for the next four or so years. We visited another, bigger seminary up north, and the decision between our two choices stretched us greatly. Now, my dear husband is writing essays and finishing an application to that big school, and we are waiting on the Lord for His guidance. As we pursue this option, there is much that we don’t yet have in our hands, but what better opportunity to keep our hands open before the Lord, waiting for His gracious provision!

And then came Christmas… so much joy, so much life, so many things! We had the great joy of returning home to our families for an extended time of visiting, which brought such refreshment to our souls. Those ten days were full of family time, fellowship with friends, delicious food, dear gifts, and so much more. We came back to our little apartment very much overflowing with blessings!

Now, a new year… one which promises many changes. Weeks and days are rapidly dwindling as we await the birth of our precious little daughter. Diapers, onesies, and baby things have flooded our apartment, and my days at home are spent making room for this new little family member and her needs. Even as I grow increasingly more weary and weak, the promise of new life lies ahead!

What a blessing it is to live in the good and gracious providence of God. In Him we have hope, joy, strength, grace, peace, and, most of all, His presence in daily life. Onward to a new year of glorifying and enjoying Him always!