The Fragrance of Grace

It is the season of honeysuckle. The fragrance of its tiny blossoms hovers all around us in the air. I walk past a cluster of bushes in the neighborhood and breathe in its perfume. Sitting in the car at a stoplight, windows down, the aroma trails in from a nearby bush. Its beauty even greets me as I walk out the door of our home.

Freshness, loveliness, and simplicity—I desire these very things for my own daily life. The past few months have been so abundantly full of blessings as we’ve welcomed a precious little daughter into our home. Fresh life brings with it lovely joy and beauty, and with it, comes the need for simplicity. My days have been full of little sounds and little smiles rather than the written word. A great delight, indeed, but the need remains. Deep joy, pressed down and running over, must at last be expressed in writing, and that is what I hope to do as I resurrect this little blog from its dusty corner. Telling tales of God’s faithfulness, provision, and blessing. Sharing joys of motherhood and daily life. Dreaming dreams of future days. All these things are an aroma of grace, an encouragement as together we press forward toward glory.

For now, back to the delightful duties of home life. A new batch of ginger cookie dough is waiting for me in the refrigerator…

A little tidbit of loveliness from this spring...

A little tidbit of loveliness from this spring…


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