Grey Skies and Neat Piles

It rained yesterday. Heavy grey morning skies opened wide as afternoon came, pouring down rain upon rapid-growing grass and bright blossoms. Steady rain, dripping, puddling, drenching the earth. It came and came, hushing all the afternoon sounds in its quiet rush. I watched from my window as a little bird found shelter on the swing under the overhanging porch. He and I, sheltered, looked out on the wide wet world with contentment, peaceful amidst the outburst of the clouds.

My little Daisy and I delighted ourselves amidst laundry, cleaning, and baking. She sat observantly, talking with her eyes and her tongue, as I worked from room to room, rectifying messes and organizing chaos. Prospective future renters were coming, and I wanted all the little corners and crannies to be presentable. Floors were vacuumed, clothes sorted, and piles straightened. How is it that the easiest way of containing clutter is simply to present it more beautifully?

Creatively camouflaging clutter (aka plastic bins with no other place to call home).

Creatively camouflaging clutter (aka plastic  storage bins with no other place to call home).

Now, another rainy day. I woke up to grey skies and dripping eaves, feeling the same slowness in my own spirit. The soothing patter, though, quieted my heart as I began upon the tasks of the day, and with little Daisy’s cheery smile, I take joy in the work before me. The biweekly batch of homemade yogurt is solidifying as I write, and the neatened piles remain neat thus far. It is a good day.

What blessings the Lord sends down each day, raining them upon us as He does upon the earth. What blesses your heart today? And how do you manage to de-clutter clutter?

N.B. Those of you who have read Little Women carefully will understand the nom de guerre I chose for our little daughter.

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