In Which We Have Monday.

I have declared a one-hour moratorium on putting anything in the dirty laundry basket. For the first time in weeks (months?), the laundry baskets are actually empty. (This was largely due to my laissez-faire act of throwing the handwash-only items into the washer at the last minute.  A crocheted bib and washcloth in the washer isn’t the end of the world, I reasoned.) And so the hand towel that probably needs a wash is still hanging in the bathroom, because I need this kind of small triumph today.

After a busy and pleasant weekend, it is Monday. The day started off relatively well, as Daisy obligingly slept in so that I could get a bit of extra rest. (Why am I waking up with a sore throat? I just got over a sinus infection!) My dear husband got off to work, I got a bite of breakfast, and then Daisy and I settled into a quiet day at home of cleaning, organizing, and continuing to catch up.

Then the little frustrations started creeping in. Poopy diaper before I had even gotten her dressed? Into the bathtub Daisy went. We started a laundry load and straightened a few piles, then she went down for a nap. When I went to check my inbox, there were two more complicated emails on the Scylla-and-Charybdis matter of moving out of one place into another. A shower, finally, and an email sent… already, the morning flew by as on wings.

When Daisy got up, a large wet spot revealed a cloth diaper leak on the fresh clothes.  Sigh.  Another feeding, another load of laundry, and her room was finally looking better. We got the bathroom spruced up, only to face the mess in the rest of the house. Would it ever get cleaned up?  Lunch, thankfully, was full of protein, and a contented Daisy talked to herself in her bouncer so that I could sit down and catch my breath.

It was as if my Heavenly Father was using the voice so often heard from the parent of a little child: Stop. Listen to me. You can’t do this! You NEED me. As I wrote to a friend this morning, I see more and more sin in myself, and more and more grace in Him. What an abundant fountain to quench my thirst!

My hopes for the day had been to blog about the continued struggle for joy and peace in this transition to a new season. I find, though, that today is enough. I must train my eyes on the here and now, waiting for the time, energy, and grace to face the coming days. For now, we have Monday.

What about you? What encourages you on a tough day?


2 thoughts on “In Which We Have Monday.

  1. I love reading your honest and thoughtful words, friend. I think the thing that encourages me the most if I will slow down and listen to that which is truth, Truth Himself, who softly reminds us of His love, of His tender mercies, of His careful leading and guiding us wherever we go. It sounds so simple to say it, but it seems that I live best when I am not thinking at all about myself but on Christ, then suddenly things are in perspective and manageable, because then it is not me doing it, but Christ in me through the power of the Spirit. Thank you for letting me share that, and blessings on you all in this busy time of life! ❤

  2. I enjoyed two subtle references to beloved childhood authors in your post (intentional or not? Louisa May Alcott and A.A. Milne), which remind me that my yesterday is your today, and my today is your tomorrow. Though my yesterday had its share of endless laundry and poopy diapers, your post makes me smile and remember it as sweet and much too short. Older moms used to tell us, “enjoy every minute of this baby time because it goes so fast!” We didn’t believe them because young families are everything that is new and constantly changing, and the adrenaline we burn to keep up lengthens time perception and sharpens the details. But it’s true; babies don’t keep. So grab all the pieces of today that you can, to save up for tomorrow’s sweet memories and wry laughter. May God bless you with gladness!

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