The Refreshment We Craved

Our weekend was hot. Temperatures soared, bringing a steady heat through the windows until the house was a stuffy closet of warm, sticky air. We drank water, wiped off the sweat, and sighed, unhappy for the tiresome welcome it gave our visiting family. On Sunday, we finally broke down and turned on the window air conditioning units. Closing the windows and sealing up the house, we breathed in relief from the cool air circulating. Still, the nights were hard. With windows open to bring in any hint of cool air, we woke to various street noises, tossing and turning to remain cool.

Then, on this unassuming Tuesday, it came. A cool breeze blew through the window this morning, freshening our perspective. That cool breeze continued as I hung out my laundry near lunchtime, and lo, even in the heat of the day, the breeze blew. My laundry dried, fresh and crisp, and the house whispered its pleasure as the breezes came through. Refreshment came, so much more than a few hours of circulating cool air, and our hearts were glad. A new season comes.

Now, as the sun has set, that same breeze still whispers through my window, carrying with it the sweet notes of our Guatemalan neighbors talking quietly, as Daisy lifts her hands upward with great joy. Our cup overfloweth.


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